Thursday, 23 October 2014

12 Day Blogger Challenge - Day 1

I recently got chatting to a Blogger that posted this challenge!

Now I love a challenge.... 

So I thought hey why not have a little fun for a few days 

So here goes...

Day 1 - why do I blog? 
I have been asked this numerous times and I guess the easiest answer I have come up with is, it gives me a means of expressing myself be it through Fashion, travels or chosen delicacies. It allows individuals to enter my world and live the roller coaster ride with me. It also allows my family and friends to keep tabs on what I am doing and they are able to gain an understanding of my daily antics, what my family have been up to and where I am in the world.

5 Random Facts? 

1. I have a massive obsession with Master chef Australia , as in watch around 6 episodes a day (In fact I'm watching one right now!) 
2. If my nails chip, even the smallest minute mark on them that isn't perfect I have to re paint the entire lot 
3. My dream job would be to work for a Magazine or high end designer on Editorial Shoots 
4. I have just consumed an entire sharing bag of chocolate 
5. I am now onto my second bag.. 


  1. Thanks for joining in! Look forward to reading more :-)

    Style Storms

  2. Love this, look forward to your other posts! Just followed you :) xo

    1. Thank you so much! my day 2 shall post shall be up imminently! I shall follow you now :)

  3. wow, second bag, you must have been on such a sugar rush :)
    Looking forward to the rest of the posts

    1. I know its so bad! I really need to stop buying stuff :(
      Thank you x